A break from campaigning

Campaigning for the general and local elections has pretty much taken over my life at the moment. Yesterday I was out at 6.15am delivering target letters, so I thought I deserved a break.¬†Working on the assumption that a change is as good as a rest, today I turned my mobile phone off and spent most of the day planting raspberry bushes in Nutclough woods. A group of us go up there on a fairly regular basis to help out with various jobs, and today’s main task was to install the revetment in the photo, and plant the raspberry bushes around them. I will be going back on a regular basis to check for vandalism and, hopefully, one day, get a small punnet of fruit, although I think it’s unlikely to be this year.

Nutclough woods have a variety of owners, including Calderdale Council, British Waterways, and several private landowners. They are managed by the Friends of Nutclough Woods, ably led by the ever-enthusiastic Kate Berridge and assisted by her partner, family, and other local residents. They are easily the best managed woods in the Hebden Bridge area and are well worth a visit at any time of the year.

I expect normal blogging service to resume after the election, with planned posts on recycling, allotments, and housing.

PS. Don’t forget to vote for Liberal Democrats Hilary Myers (for Westminster) and Nader Fekri (for Calderdale MBC), your earthly representatives of Nick Clegg and Vince Cable.