About me


I have been a member of the Liberal Democrats for over a decade. From 2008 until 2011 I was a councillor on Hebden Royd Town Council,┬árepresenting West End ward in Hebden Bridge. The election result was a Lib Dem gain from Labour. I served on several of the council’s committees, and from 2009 to 2011 was chair of the Allotments committee. I did all the initial work and consultation on the High Hirst allotment site, which was continued by the committee after I stood down, and is now in use for growing!

My political interests include the environment and energy, transport, and minority rights. I am a member of the Green Lib Dems and ALDES which is interesting when the two groups disagree! Outside the party, I am a member of Liberty.


I am originally from Sussex, but spent the first decade of my adult life in and around Liverpool and Manchester. I settled in Hebden Bridge, West Riding of Yorkshire, in 2007 but now work in Salford as a software engineer for a major national broadcaster. I am possibly the only person left in the UK who makes a living writing and maintaining OpenTV applications.

My daily commute involves the train and a bike ride, hence the tweets about Northern Rail and biking in Manchester. I am becoming something of an expert in Brompton maintenance.

Other interests include languages (French and German), foreign films/TV, and music (I have run Mutopia since 1999). I am also involved in Scouting in the Pennine Calder district, and have been musical director of Todmorden Gang Show since 2009.


Twitter: @cjsawer

E-mail: cjsawer at whitewillow dot co dot uk