England come from 1-0 down to win 2-1 and stay in the World Cup

What a game… New Zealand got the first goal in, and for a nail-biting 40 minutes it looked like England were on their way home. But at 63 minutes Scott equalised, and 20 minutes later Clarke put us ahead and in the end sent New Zealand home instead. I had to dig out my Lightning Seeds CD to put on Three Lions after the match.

Of course, this isn’t the men’s world cup – it’s the women’s.

But the quality of football is still superb. In Germany it’s big news; the tournament is being held here, and Germany are the world champions.

Unfortunately all the England matches are too far away but we went to the Australia-Brazil match on Wednesday – see picture. It was a great game too and the 1-0 score could easily have been 3-2. We were cheering for Australia but unfortunately Brazil managed to edge ahead.

Good luck to England next week. They’ll need it against Japan, who have played well and won both their games convincingly. A draw would guarantee us a place in the quarter finals against France or Germany. Now that could be quite a game.

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