The manifesto should have had a disclaimer

With attacks in the media about Lib Dem U-turns and “going back on our promises”, it seems obvious that we should have had some kind of disclaimer in the manifesto, such as the following.

This manifesto contains policies that will be implemented if a majority Liberal Democrat government is elected following the 2010 general election. In the event of a coalition government in which the Liberal Democrats form a part, then compromises with the other coalition party(ies) will have to be reached, and it will not be possible to deliver every policy exactly as outlined in this document.

People just don’t seem to understand that a coalition government is all about compromise and that if the Tories and Lib Dems promised different things in the respective manifestos, then clearly one or both parties will have to go against what they promised prior to the election.

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  1. Also, the Labour manifesto should have this disclaimer:

    Whilst this manifesto contains policies that we believe in, in the unfortunate event that a non-Labour government should get in and start implementing them, we will not hesitate in opposing the same policies with maximum vigour and outrageous language!

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