Spotted in Salford

On a walk through Salford this morning I spotted my first David Cameron election poster, most pleasingly daubed with an alternative slogan underneath. It was a nice surprise as although the Tories aren’t exactly popular in Salford, it’s hardly a bastion of Liberal Democracy either. Good to see that, despite the myriad of parodies of this poster appearing online, old fashioned graffiti is still around.

I was only passing through central Salford to get to a friend’s flat, but I was amazed at the variety of interesting buildings to be found there, in various states of repair. I just had to keep taking photos and have posted the most interesting below. For anyone interested in architecture, I can certainly recommend a visit to Salford, particularly Chapel Street, and preferably with a copy of the SE Lancashire Pevsner to hand.

Former Police Station
Independent Chapel, with modern buildings looming overhead
Salford Education Offices
Salford Cathedral (RC)
Salford Matrix Club - some parts of Salford still living up to the stereotype
Church of St. Philip and Manchester & Salford Savings Bank
Salford Lads' Club, opened by Baden-Powell and immortalised by the famous photo of The Smiths standing in its doorway

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  1. Just spotted this post trawling for posts about Salford. That graffiti made me smile when I spotted it from the bus window on my way to work a few weeks ago. At first glance I assumed it was done by someone from Labour as it’s right near Hazel Blear’s office, but then I saw ‘vote Liberal’. Of course, there are one or two remnants of the old Liberal party in the near vicinity too!

    Salford might not be a bastion of liberal democracy just yet (we currently have 7 Lib Dem councillors on the council – though there are 10 who were elected as Lib Dems), but we’re steadily growing. Salford’s first ever MP – Joseph Brotherton, elected in 1832 was a Liberal, and there has been an undercurrent of Liberalism ever since.

    It’s just a matter of time (I’m the patient sort!).

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